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His Parents Take A “Back To School” Photo Every Year, The Last One Is Guaranteed To Make You Cry

One family's private tradition has gone viral after a son shared his parents' beautiful "back to school" photos.

Charles and his father on his first day of kindergarten.Charles Brockman III / Twitter

Charles Brockman III is a freshman who just moved into his dorm at Mississippi State University, and his parents took the opportunity to snap a photo of the milestone. But when Charles compared it to another photo with his dad people were stunned.

This dramatic side-by-side comparison shows Charles walking to his first day of kindergarten, along with the latest photo from 13 years later. The new college student says he "just wanted to post that picture to thank my dad for always being there during everything we went through."

As you can see from the photo, Brockman has changed a lot through the years while his father seems like he's barely aged a day. These pictures a part of the Brockman family's long tradition of back to school photos.

Charles says that even when the pictures started to become "a little embarrassing," he never got tired of the tradition because it showed how much his parents care about him. “Don’t take anything for granted with them,” he warns others. “Appreciate your parents, while they’re here.”

Brockman and his father throughout the years.Charles Brockman III / Twitter

The Brockmans have obviously done a great job as parents, because not only have they raised a very sweet and respectful young man, but also a star athlete. Charles is a Junior Olympian and a 6-time national hurdle champion.

He's starting his first year studying journalism and communications at MSU, and we can't wait to see the picture his parents take at his graduation!

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