Hollywood Star's Destructive Gift To Mom Brings Her To Tears


Hollywood Star's Destructive Gift To Mom Brings Her To Tears

With Mother's Day around the corner, chances are you're wracking your brain trying to find the perfect gift to spoil your mom with.

While there are plenty of choices, from cards, to flowers, spa treatments and jewelry, those can often be cliche and boring.

If you're looking for some inspiration on how to show mom you care, look no further than actress Mila Kunis, who really nailed Mother's Day this year.

Mila's parents have lived in their condo since the family immigrated from Ukraine in the 1980's. They have refused to move, even as the space has aged over the years.


"I have the greatest mom on the planet," Mila said. "Never will I understand how she was able to raise my brother and myself, while working full time. My mom was there every morning to take me to school. Somehow magically we had dinner on the table every night."

Teamed up with Houzz, Mila wanted to spruce up the family home to show her parents her gratitude for the life they have created for her.

"Knowing how hard I work now for what I have puts things in perspective for how much harder my parents had to have worked to give my brother and I the life that we have," she said.  


In spite of being VERY pregnant Mila had no problem picking up a hammer and getting involved in the project.

This is what their living area looked like before the transformation.


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The previous area didn't work for the family because whoever was in the kitchen was isolated from the rest of the house.

With their growing family, there wasn't enough space for everyone to talk comfortably.

"The house kind of looks like Miami Vice circa 1994," she said.

And after the transformation, this is the new space they have created.


She even brought her husband Ashton Kutcher in for some heavy lifting.


When Mila finally revealed her surprise to her parents, their reaction was priceless!

What a wonderful way to show appreciation for her parents!

Watch the full video of the transformation here: