Your Home Decor Can Reveal Secrets About Your Personality Without You Even Realizing It

Of course decorating your home is going to reveal your personality, but it's hard to know what it's actually saying about you. When you look at the things in your home, you might think that all your decor is saying one thing when it actually is giving off a completely different feeling to the people around you.

Amy Morin, author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do, said that "you can tell what you build your self-esteem around based on the things you hold onto." The things you choose to keep around indicate the things you value and here's what they say about you.

Diplomas and Awards

Being proud of your accomplishments is not a bad thing at all, but it does indicate the type of person you are. "If you have your diplomas and awards framed, your intellect might be what you value. If it's sports trophies, maybe your athletic tendencies have built you," Morin says.


Plants make your home feel fresh and full of life, and are part of the category that Morin calls thought and feeling regulators. "The concept of personal space and how we dress it is not this whimsical idea about where you live. It has a profound effect on you," according to Morin. Plants indicate a lively personality, of someone who is caring and kind.

Nostalgic Items

"Holding onto sentimental items stirs up nostalgia, which is a double edged sword." Morin says. "These feelings are funny and they tend to provoke a bunch of interesting emotions. It's somewhat comforting to have them, but it's important to be aware of the weight they carry."

If your home is filled with pictures and memorabilia then you are holding onto the emotions that are associated with the item, whatever it was.

Those aren't the only things that are giving away your true personality...


"The home is a metaphor for the self. If the home is cluttered, we tend to feel cluttered," Morin says. People who have a cluttered or messy home tend to procrastinate and are more frazzled than those who are well organized.

Art and Books

If you have a lot of art, books, and other cultural items signifies that you are an open person who is willing to try new things.

Tidy Spaces

If you are someone who never leaves a mess it means you are an extremely conscientious. You plan out all your activities and always want to have control over a situation.

What do you have around your home? Do you think it is an accurate portrayal of your personality?