"Homeless Man" Rewards The People Who Stop To Help Him [Video]


"Homeless Man" Rewards The People Who Stop To Help Him [Video]

Brian Breach - Facebook

Brian Breach says he wanted to do something charitable for the holidays, but the viral stunt he pulled to reward good Samaritans is a little controversial.

The entertainer and entrepreneur filmed a "prank" where he pretended to be homeless, waiting outside a Target in South Florida and panhandling for change.

A cardboard sign he held read, "Homeless. Just need a little help to feed my family though the holidays."

Brian Breach
Breach disguised himself as a homeless man to surprise generous bystanders.Brian Breach - Facebook

But when bystanders stopped to offer Breach some change, he turned the tables and rewarded them with $100.

Breach told Yahoo Lifestyle that he only had good intentions when he planned the "prank" video.

"There's more positive and helpful people in the world even when you don't think that's true," he said. "Every day, all you hear is negative stories, so it leads you to believe the world is a horrible place. It has its negatives, but I feel there's more good than evil."

Homeless Holiday (giving back) prank

For Christmas I pretended to be homeless to see who would help my family out during the holidays. Those who did got something in return. Always Pay it Forward! (Please share to spread some holiday cheer & happiness)

Posted by Brian Breach on Tuesday, December 25, 2018

While it's true that Breach captured heartwarming footage of people digging into their pockets for him, including a young boy, some viewers questioned his motivations.

"Dude," one person commented on the video, "why didn't you just give all that money to homeless people?"

At least one of the people who received $100 from Breach said he planned to "pay it forward," so there's no denying Breach made the holidays a little brighter.

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What do you think of this prank? Would Breach have been better off giving the money to charity?

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