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Homeless Man's Prayers Are Answered After Spending The Night Sleeping Outside An Animal Shelter

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On your way into work in the morning, it is not an odd sight to see a homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk. However, one staff member was forced to do a double-take when she found a young homeless man curled up asleep outside the front doors of DeKalb County Animal Services in Georgia.

They later learned that the man had not chosen that spot just as safe refuge for the night. It turns out that he was there for a much bigger reason.

"Our kennel tech woke him up, and the man said his dog had gone missing," Karen Hirsch, spokesperson for the shelter, told The Dodo.

The man had spent all the money he was able to collect in order to pay for bus fare that would get him to the animal shelter, with the faint hope that he could be reunited with his friend.

He was in luck, when he learned that his dog had been picked up as a stray about 2 weeks earlier, but the next part of the news made his heart sink.

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