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Homeless Man's Good Deed Rewarded After He Guarded A Car In The Rain For Two Hours

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Have you ever left something in your car that by all accounts, you probably really shouldn't have? I'm not talking about pets or children in this case (which you shouldn't leave unattended in your car for entirely different reasons), but rather something that could very well result in your car getting broken into because of its presence there.


We've all done it at some point; you're in a rush, you've been fighting traffic for the last hour or two, you grab everything that seems important, and dash out of your car towards whatever meeting or gig has your attention that day. Of course, about halfway into your day, you go to reach for something in your pocket (your wallet, your cell phone etc.) only to discover that, OH NO, it's in the car. And now you have to speed back downstairs and out to your car, all the while praying to whatever you consider holy that your car hasn't been broken into and robbed.

The Star

It's an immensely tense and worrisome situation that brings out not only our own paranoia, but our worst beliefs in what humanity is capable of. However, it's important to remember that there's a lot of good people out there, and in the case of one homeless man from Glasgow, Scotland, that sense of good led to him guarding someone's car in a rain storm for two hours...

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