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Homeless Uber Driver Almost Loses Everything Until A Local Business Park Steps Up

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The Orange County Register

People as whole often get a bad rep. It's hard to ignore all the news about injustice, bigotry, hate, indifference, and crime without feeling a little bit skeptical about the human race. But occasionally something happens that makes you remember that we are all as one, that helping out those in need is a way of insuring the growth and prosperity of a community.

Last week a story came out of Orange County, California, that gave my spirit the little boost that it needed. Todd Jones works as a driver for both Uber, and Lyft. When his car broke down and caught fire late last week he was about to lose not only his sole source of income, but the place that he sleeps as well. Though he is gainfully employed, he is still homeless and lives out of his vehicle.

The Orange County Register

He had broken down near the 405 freeway when he was spotted by a police officer. The cop suggested that he move his car across the street to a local business park. Normally an unauthorized car broken down on private property would be grounds to have it towed and impounded, but the people who work at this particular business park had other ideas.

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