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People Are Building Homes Using Nothing But Nature And Their Bare Hands

Primitive Technology / Primitive Technology Idea

Buying a new home is stressful. You have to make sure you're eligible for a mortgage while still being able to buy a house you like.

Now, if you decide to build a home, let's say a tiny home, there's a lot of physical work you need to put in.

If you think all that is stressful, some people are taking things to another level by building homes from scratch.

When I say scratch, I mean they're building a home using nothing but what's available around them in a forest.

This trend is called primitive technology, and while not everyone has the skill to successfully finish a home, millions of people flock to YouTube to watch videos of people who can.

One notable YouTube star is John Plant, from Queensland, Australia. He dresses in blue shorts and builds things using his bare hands, like the way our ancestors did.

For example, he'll make an axe out of stone and branch, or an underfloor heating system using hot stones. That's pretty impressive, if you ask me.

"By limiting the resources to only what is available in the wild, you become more inventive," he told BBC News.

The process of how he makes a home is mindblowing! Take a look at how he makes a tiled roof hut.

Keep in mind, he makes everything, even the tiles, from scratch.

He makes his own kiln using mud from the ground and clay from the creek bank. This is how he cooks the roof tiles.

You can see him shaping the tiles in the image above.

Now he's putting the house together.

He uses mud and stone to build the walls.

The adorable door is simply made of sticks.

Watch the full video below:

Here's another one of his popular creations: A round hut.

Using palm thatch and mud walls, Plant builds a cozy hut, which would be great for camping!

Watch the full video below:

Although Plant doesn't actually live in these homes, someone could definitely make use of it as a temporary shelter.

The YouTube star has inspired others around the world to share videos of themselves building their own primitive homes.

Another popular YouTube page, Primitive Technology Idea, has also started posting their own unique creations.

Hobbit house

Water slide and stone swimming pool

Does building a home from scratch interest you?

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