Video Of Two Horses Pulling A Stuck Semi Truck Reminds Us How Strong They Really Are


Now that's horsepower.

There's a reason that we use horses to measure power. They're strong, beautiful, majestic animals. We used to rely on them all the time, but when the engine was invented they gradually were replaced.

Of course millions of Americans still love horses and many use them in their day to day lives. It doesn't hurt to get a little reminder of how strong our beloved horses can be, and we got a heck of a reminder this week.

Minnesota has had a bit of a snow problem lately. Usually when that happens plows hit the roads in force, clearing a way for cars, pedestrians, and anything else that needs to get from point A to point B.

Of course plows can't do everything and occasionally vehicles get stuck - even big ones.

A giant semi truck got stuck in Jacob Hershberger's driveway. He got a call from the stranded driver who was at a loss for how to get his big rig moving.

"I don't know how I'm going to get him out of there, because my tractor wouldn't be doing much in this ice," Hershberger told CBS News.

Then he got an idea.

Hershberger has two workhorses, Molly and Prince, and he was well aware of their power. Normally they pull him along a sleigh, kicking up snow as they go. He decided to see just how much power horse power really was.

"The truck driver was questioning me the whole time I was harnessing them up, and he said 'I don't see this working' but I said 'we're going to give it a try.'"

With the skeptical driver giving the accelerator a little nudge, Molly and Prince did what they do best. The hauled the several-ton truck up the icy incline until it was finally able to get its grip.

See for yourself:

They were so strong they surprised even Hershberger.

"I couldn't believe it," he said.

The video has since become viral with many people bidding on Molly and Prince. Hershberger however isn't selling.

"There's no dollar sign on them. I'm pretty proud of them."

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