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The "Hot Cop" From This Viral Photo Earned A Spot On 'Survivor' - While Another Lost His Job

Gainesville Police Department

Things move so quickly these days, it can be hard to remember what happened even a few months ago.

Here's a quick refresher about one of the most surprising stories from last September: after Hurricane Irma rocked Florida, a trio of police officers snapped a photo that went viral around the world.

The "hot cops" drew in more than 100,000 comments - and not because of their hard work helping hurricane victims.

Eight months later, one of the officers in the famous photo has been fired, while another will be appearing on Survivor.


Michael Hamill (circled) resigned from the force shortly after the photo was shared.Gainesville Police Department

Shortly after the selfie went viral, the cop in the center of the photo, Michael Hamill, was forced to resign from the Gainesville Police Department.

Hamill's newfound fame dredged up his old antisemitic Facebook posts, and the disgraced cop left the force.


One of the photos from Rengering's upcoming calendar. Golden Czermak / Facebook

Things went much better for Daniel Rengering, the man on the right side of the photo.

He turned his newfound fame into a Facebook fan page with over 45,000 followers.

Rengering is even releasing a #HotCop Calendar with steamy photos for his devoted fans.

But the best news of all came this week, as Rengering's popularity earned him a spot on a hit reality show.

TMZ reports that Rengering has been tapped to appear on Survivor.

After meeting with producers months ago, Rengering is set to fly out to Fiji for the upcoming season, where his viral backstory will probably come up.

The opportunity also features a sweet payday for the police officer: he'll reportedly earn at least $10,000, with the chance to win $1 million on the show.

Big Changes For Survivor


As Rengering heads to Fiji to tape the next season of Survivor, the show's host says he wants the tropical island to be the show's new home.

After moving from one location to another for each series, Survivor has taped in Fiji for the last four seasons, and that suits Jeff Probst just fine.

“The real truth of the world is, when we started Survivor 18 years ago, there were lots of places we could go,” the host told EW.

“It’s been two decades. It’s a different world. There are not as many places we can go for lots of reasons — the economy, population, political unrest, weather patterns.”

Plus, as you can tell from the current season, Fiji is a beautiful island that looks perfect for Survivor.

Will you be tuning in to see Rengering on Survivor?

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