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Here's What'll Happen To Your Body When You Drink Hot Water And Lemon Every Morning


After all the health problems my family and I have experienced the past few years, we decided to cut caffeine from our diet and change up our morning routine with a delicious age-old health drink.

While this concoction may not give you the desired kick you need in the morning, it will benefit your health in the long term.

To be honest, it was hard to make the switch from fresh-brewed coffee to hot water. Caffeine is more addicting than you think, and your body will start to feel like it's going in withdrawal for a few days.

Trust me, bite the bullet on this one so that the next few decades of your life don't involve regular doctor visits.

Here are five benefits you will reap by regularly drinking this mixture every morning:

Detoxify your system

Drinking lemon hot water on an empty stomach is a great way to start your day.

Lemons help to balance pH levels in your body, which help to flush out any toxins in your system.

Energy booster

Coffee does help keep you awake for a few hours, but hot lemon water will give you energy for the rest of your day. Lemon water is famous for keeping your body hydrated longer than just regular water or other fluids. And when your body is hydrated, it releases feel-good hormones.

Those days of feeling sluggish and lethargic will be over once you incorporate this mixture in your everyday morning routine.

Promotes weight loss

When you feel good in the morning, you're also likely to make good food choices.

In my experience, I started drinking lemon hot water because I wanted to take control of my health. Once I became used to my new favorite hot drink, it was a mental reminder to make choices that will benefit my well-being.

Aids digestion

When bad bacteria is flushed out of your body, and your system is replenished with water right when you wake up, your body will produce more bile to help with digestion.

This free-flowing bile will help your body to absorb fats and other vitamins in your small intestine.

Prevents Colds

This age-old cold remedy is foolproof! Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C, so consuming half a lemon once a day will help your body fight viruses before you get sick. Add some honey in your hot drink to keep your immune system healthy.

I've been drinking this mixture every morning for a year now, and I haven't gotten sick this year (and this flu season has been the worst!)

Will you be making the switch?

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