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Hotel Safes Are Not As 'Safe' As We Think

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When packing for a trip, we have no choice but to bring along some valuable essentials. This includes passports, extra cash, jewelry, and other precious items.

If you're staying at a hotel or motel, there's really nothing to worry about because you have access to a trusty room safe, right?

Well, these safes are not as 'safe' as you think...

Whether it be hotel rooms, motel rooms, Airbnb rooms, or cruise ship cabins, they've all been in hot water for issues regarding safety and privacy.

For example, a couple's dream vacation to Florida turned into a nightmare when they found a hidden camera on the side of the fire alarm in their Airbnb room. They felt that their security and privacy were jeopardized, making them uneasy to book another room with the online hospitality service.

This time, a YouTube video of a man breaking into a room safe has many people worried about planning their next trip.

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