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How A Dozen Inmates Broke Out of Jail Using Only Their Lunch

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When the doors to the Walker County Jail opened and 12 inmates rushed out, it wasn't because of a malfunction. It was part of a daring escape plan...using peanut butter.

The 12 inmates who fled - including an attempted murderer - were over the prison's barbed wire in 10 minutes according to the county's Sheriff's Department, using blankets to protect their hands.

ESCAPEES // Twelve (12) inmates escaped from the Walker County Jail. Six (6) (UPDATE 11 HAVE BEEN CAPTURED) have been...

Posted by Walker County Sheriff's Office on Sunday, July 30, 2017

Next, the prisoners stripped out of their orange uniforms and fled in different directions. While some were caught at a nearby gas station, others were still on the run 8 hours later.

One of the escapees, 24-year-old Brady Andrew Kilpatrick, is still at large, and the Sheriff's Department warned Jasper, Alabama residents to keep their lights on and stay inside Monday night as the manhunt continued.

Kilpatrick is still at large as of Tuesday morning, and the world is still stunned that the prisoners only needed one thing to break out of jail: peanut butter.

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