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How a Missing Earring Made This Mom Realize She was "Invisible" After Giving Birth

After the mess of doctor's appointments, excited family members and friends stopping by, most new moms can't help but feel invisible as everyone fusses over their new addition.

For those of us that have had a baby, we can attest to the level of care given when we are pregnant versus after we have had our babies.

We go from regular check-ups during pregnancy to being dismissed by the doctor after a 6 week time has passed, even though our bodies feel like a total war zone after child birth.

Not only do you feel like the person you were before ceases to exist for you, but for everyone around you as well.

Like many new moms, Anastasia Aligiannis noticed that things changed after she had her baby boy.

So she ran an experiment to see if she was imagining it.

To prove her point, she took out one of her earrings.

See what happened on the next page.

It took 7 months before anyone noticed she was only wearing one earring, despite always being surrounded by family and friends.

"All those social interactions, and no one ever looked me square in the face and noticed," she shared on Facebook. "It sort of cemented to me that as a very busy mom of then two children under two who 'just stayed at home' or 'didn't work.' I had almost become invisible not just to society, but to my family and friends, and really maybe even to myself."

Even during conversations on the phone, she was still feeling neglected by the people in her life.

People would ask about how her children and husband are, but never go as far to ask how she was doing.

When you become a new mom, it becomes hard to admit that you need some TLC, too. Mothers are made to feel like it's their job to be completely selfless, putting their children first for everything.

"I guess people figured if the people it was my responsibility to care for were OK, then I must be," she wrote.

While there is no question that we love our children and would do anything for their happiness, Anastasia's post brings to light something that a lot of moms are feeling.

Her Facebook post wasn't meant to be funny, even though many new moms may smile in recognition. She wrote it to send a message.

"If today you are feeling overwhelmed, invisible or like you don't matter, you do. You are so important and are probably the cog that keeps everything running smoothly," she wrote.

Soon after my son was born I felt like I became invisible. One day I started wearing 1 earring. Now anyone that knows...

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"Keep up the good work, and if no one else says it to you this week, know that you are invaluable in the work you do and your sacrifices do not go unnoticed," she concludes.