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9 Years Later, A Chilling Online Message Could Solve A Murder

When Lindsay Buziak was 24-years-old, she was brutally murdered. For years, her family never gave up hope to find her killer. The story gained so much attention, it was even featured on Dateline. But now, one post online could change the case forever.

This is how.

Her Death

In 2008, young Buziak was a budding real estate agent in British Columbia, Canada. She was lured into a home by a still-unidentified couple who pretended to be potential buyers. She was stabbed multiple times in the upstairs bathroom of the home.

The couple was never identified, though police had many theories on what could have happened. The most likely one, in their minds, is that this was a case of a mistaken target.

"There is nothing in her life — and we've conducted an extensive background [check] — that would indicate that she was involved in anything criminal, in anything of a domestic violence relationship, and that is the most perplexing thing," Sgt Chris Horsley said. "We were reluctant to say all along that maybe she was mistakenly targeted, because then we're telling the people that, 'Hello, you've got the wrong person.'"

Her Family

Buziak's family was obviously devastated by their daughter's death, but they vowed to work to find her killer no matter how long it took.

“Like anybody else, the grieving is huge because your child was senselessly murdered by somebody," Jeff Buziak, Lindsay's father, said in 2015. "And the other part of course is that it’s seven years and it’s unsolved and it’s a reminder to both the public and the authorities that Lindsay’s murder remains unsolved and that killers are in the community. They’re not in jail. They’re not held accountable. They’re out there functioning, and they could be there in the lineup with you when you pick up your next coffee or fill your car up with gas, or maybe they’re your neighbor".

"The police claim they are working on it hard," he said. "They don’t give you any indication of what they are doing, whether there’s going to be resolution or not. They don’t release anything. It’s a form of slow, painful torture and I’m not saying that to be derogatory against the police."

As a way to keep Buziak's case ongoing, her family started a website devoted to finding her killers. The site details the last moments of Lindsay's life, including a pocket dial at 5:41pm, just minutes before her death.

Continue reading to see the latest development in the case, 9 years later.


After all the media attention this case garnered, people had their own theories as to what happened. The most common thread in all this was Lindsay's boyfriend, Jason. There were many holes in his story. He claims to have arrived at the model home moments after Lindsay's death as part of a pre-planned meet-up between Lindsay and him. He claims to have seen the couple go back into the house, but then they were never found. If they had in fact still been at the house, then wouldn't there be a vehicle of some sorts to trace back to? He also claims to have gone straight upstairs when he arrived to pick up Lindsay, but that left many people wondering how he knew exactly where to find her when he entered the house. There were a lot of questions left unanswered.

Lindsay and her boyfriend JasonGangster's Out Blog

The Breakthrough

On August 6, 2017, a post was made on Lindsay Buziak Murder which caught the attention of many people, including police.

WARNING: The post contains coarse language.

"I killed Lindsey and stupid cops will never prove it so you all got nothin. Ask jay z and sandy delcaxar they know. Vid and medardo involved too. No one gives a shit anymore anyhow except her crybaby dad. Even her fakey girlfriends have washed it away. Typical loser chicks. Sanich cops dropped it cause they can’t solve shit and were told to drop it. Chief downie has been owned for years. He had to obey so he cut the phoney investigation. It’s done. Go home losers. Forget about her. The street always rules. Bitches die every day."

The post was made by someone under the name of Ross Adic.

"He calls out Saanich police that they'll never prove it and they've shut down the investigation," Jeff Buziak said. "This is the first time we've had somebody step up, and claim they are responsible for the murder. I've asked for that from the beginning that the coward should step forward. And maybe this coward has decided to take responsibility for it. So hopefully Saanich police figure that out."

Police have declined to comment on the development, only saying the investigation is ongoing and all tips will be investigated.

Though it's possible this is just someone looking for attention, seeking out the website 9 years after Lindsay's death suggests there could be credibility to it. If nothing else, the confession is causing extreme emotional damage to the Buziak family, and they just want answers.

Do you think this confession is legit? Do you think her boyfriend killed her? Or is there something the police are missing? Let us know.

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