How Many Of These Midwestern Slang Words Do You Know?

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The "Frozen Chosen" who live in our country's coldest region are some of the friendliest folks you'll ever meet, but there's no denying they talk a little funny.

They just do things differently up there. From state fairs to basketball, their pastimes are familiar but everything sounds a little weird.

For instance: if you're right on the money you'll probably hear "you betcha," but if they have to fill you in on something they're bound to ask "dontcha know?"

If you're from the Midwest yourself, you should have no problem deciphering these 13 iconic pieces of northern slang. Just be careful: there are little regional variables that might throw you off.

1. Pop

Across the country the battle rages about whether or not our favorite bubbly drink should be labeled "soda" or "coke," but here there's only one true answer: pop.

2. Hot dish

While there are a few very specific ingredients that make a true "hot dish" - like creamy soup mix - most of the country is happy to call this a casserole.

3. Booya

Here's a quiz: if you mix meat, corn, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage and lima beans together what do you get? Anywhere else on the planet it's "stew," but the correct answer here is booya. It comes from bouillon (French for broth) but it just means delicious!

4. "If I had my druthers..."

If we all had our druthers the world would be a much nicer place. Why? Because the phrase means our "would rathers," or what we would prefer.

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