How Much of a DIY Project Should You Do Yourself?

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How Much of a DIY Project Should You Do Yourself?


The hard work on a renovation project really begins the second you decide you can’t bear staring at that blank wall anymore, or when you realize your kitchen belongs in the 1990s, or when you discover that your house has become a storage unit and not somewhere you enjoy returning after a long day. You’ve made the mental decision to change something in your house and the next steps will determine how soon these changes are made and how expensive these changes might be. Once you know what changes you want to make to your home, there is usually a simple decision to make: will I do them all myself or will I outsource them?

Outsourcing Benefits

The major benefit of outsourcing your home renovation project is that you’ll ensure it is done correctly. This isn’t to diminish your skills with DIY, but hiring a professional who lives and breathes home decoration ensures there is a level of polish that DIY can muster. If you get it right the first time, this could save considerable money in fixing it if you end up making mistakes yourself. Moreover, you can guarantee that the work is done quicker than if you were left to your own devices, trying to squeeze the decorating in on a weekend or after work. If you were to be doing a renovation with the end goal of adding value to your property, then hiring a professional is more likely to ensure this goal is reached and your property value is enriched. Ultimately, outsourcing results in proper safety measures being undertaken, which may be more lax were you to do it yourself.

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Reaching a Middle Ground

However, outsourcing does take away some of the creative edge you may want to exert over the project. A DIY project can be a huge sense of accomplishment and many people enjoy the hard work as the finished product will always remind them of the dedication and time they put into creating it. A middle ground between the two could be to DIY the easier bits such as painting or freshening up, while hiring a contractor for the more complex things that may require rewiring or plumbing. Contractors on smaller jobs are less expensive, so bringing in a professional for part of the job could save the money that a full outsource would cost, while also saving you money on not having to have it redone if you do it wrong yourself. The safety elements of an outsourcing job will still be there as contractors will have full contractor’s liability insurance, meaning everyone would be covered if an accident happened, as long as they abided by the health and safety rules. Plus, they will need to have passed a multitude of health and safety on-the-job training. So you will have peace of mind that the correct procedures will be followed.  

Whether you choose to do it all yourself or to hire a company to help you renovate doesn’t need to be such a black-and-white decision. Indeed, there are elements that you can do yourself to still feel the achievement and enjoyment of doing them, while you can hire a contractor to ensure you don't end up with a broken house.

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