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How One Cow Became A Legend After Her 'Udderly' Thrilling Escape

One Green Planet

You may remember reading about "The World's Fastest Cow" and the most daring escape ever made by a brave bovine.

Cincinnati Freedom made headlines when she escaped a slaughterhouse in Cincinnati, Ohio back in 2002.

The snow white Charolais cow took a giant leap of faith and cleared a 6-foot-high fence, before engaging citizens on a dramatic 11-day chase.

Time and time again, Cincinnati Freedom managed to evade capture. During her 11-day escapade, the beautiful bovine managed to stay hidden in a park where she foraged and rested when she could.

Her incredible fight for survival and unbreakable will captured the hearts of millions and resonated with so many animal lovers....

By the time she was finally captured, countless calls for mercy poured into the city from all across America.

She had become a legend and no one could bear to see her slaughtered.

Cincinnati Freedom had earned her right to life, and renowned artist, Peter Max, would be the one to give it to her.

He arranged for the brave bovine to have safe passage to Farm Sanctuary, a New York City Shelter.

The beautiful beast was officially named Cincinnati Freedom and welcomed warmly into a herd of cattle already living on the property.

Cinci, as she was lovingly nicknamed, formed a strong bond with other slaughterhouse escapees.

The gentle cow made fast friends and became inseparable companions with Queenie, Annie Dodge and Maxine.

After six happy years of living free with her herd, Cinci suddenly lost the use of her back legs and became immobile.

After several tests, the veterinarian delivered heartbreaking news: Cinci had spinal cancer.

The terminal illness had progressed quickly and developed into a tumor that caused pressure on her spine.

Her illness had progressed beyond repair.

When it was time to say goodbye, the herd gathered around her.

One of the eldest steers, Kevin, stepped forward and gently licked her face. Iris, one of the older females, licked Cinci's back to keep her calm right until her final breath.

Volunteers at The Farm Sanctuary watched in awe as one-by-one the cattle of the herd stepped forward to say goodbye with a final moment of affection.

The heartbreaking ritual was no doubt a testament to how sensitive and intelligent cattle truly are. Rest in peace, Cincinnati Freedom.

Who else remembers her daring escape?!

[h/t One Green Planet]