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How One Man's Showcase Showdown Bid Changed The Game Forever

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If you say you've never dreamed of spinning the big wheel on Price is Right, you are a liar. Nothing seems more satisfying in life than hitting the $1 spin and heading to the Showcase Showdown!

Of course, to get to that point, you have to be good at all the other games too. For Terry Kniess, he spent his whole life preparing to be on the show and it finally paid off. Kniess guessed the exact amount of his showcase, meaning he won both prize packs. However, when people saw his bid they got a little suspicious of how he managed to know EXACTLY how much it all cost.

Kniess has job experience as both a weatherman and a casino surveillance person. He spent a lot of time learning how to spot patterns and use them to predict what will happen. The 60-year-old and his wife, Linda, watched Price is Right every day for four months before he appeared on the iconic game show. Linda, who has a love of math, helped her husband notice the little things to help him win.

Terry Kniess, the only person to ever correctly guess the exact price of a Showcase Showdown.Vorply

Continue reading to find out the patterns the Kniesses found, and how Terry Kniess ultimately decided on his final bid!

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