How The World's Oldest Cat Stays Healthy In His 30s

Nutmeg the tabby may look like any other cat, but this pet is hiding an incredible secret. While most cats only live to be 15, this feline is 31 and still going strong.

His owners, Ian and Liz Finley, found him by chance when their other cat Spice brought him home. A few weeks later a vet guessed that Nutmeg was 5 years old, but even if he was wrong the youngest Nutmeg could have been is 2 years old.

That means Nutmeg is at least 28, or 31 if you take the Finleys' word for it, easily making him the oldest living cat. And this couple think they know what keeps their cat strong in his old age.

Ian and Liz admit to spoiling their pet, saying that "we are his humans, rather than he is our cat." The pampered pet leads a stress-free life with his own room, and a very tasty diet.

If the Finleys feed Nutmeg any cat food, it's always a deluxe wet brand. But he also loves to snack on human food like canned tuna, roast chicken and cream.

Maybe Nutmeg has just inherited the Finley's good genes, because Ian's father lived to be 93.

While this cat only has 3 teeth left and suffered a stroke in 2015, he's still going strong, hoping to beat the all-time cat age record of 38.

It will be hard for the Finleys to prove Nutmeg is the record-holder, because the Guinness Book of World  Records requires lots of documents and photos.

The current champion, Creme Puff, lived nearly 4 decades, from 1967 to 2005.

He also loved to eat vegetables, bacon and eggs and even coffee, so the Finleys might have the right approach.

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