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How This Bride Planned Her Dream Wedding For Just $1,300

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If you've watched an episode of Say Yes to the Dress in the last few years, you know that getting married these days is expensive.

A recent survey found that 45% of couples wind up going over their budget for the big day, and the average cost is more than $30,000. The perfect dress alone will cost you an average of $1,357, but one thrifty bride from Glasgow, Scotland managed to organize her entire wedding for less than that.

Emilyrose Fitzpatrick had some strong motivation to stick to her budget: the 29-year-old recent graduate is unemployed, and she only just moved to Glasgow from from Australia. Since her family was on the other side of the world, Emily and her husband originally planned to elope with a pair of witnesses.

But when they announced they would visit Scotland for the occasion, Emily had to throw an event together in just a few months on a very tight budget. Here's how she pulled it off:

Venue, food and entertainment: $770

With a very small ceremony of less than 100 people, the couple didn't need much space. Rory works in hospitality, so he was able to arrange a very cheap reception at the couple's favorite pub. As for the ceremony, getting married at the local registry office cut their costs drastically.

Photographer: $260

After the venue, the couple's second-biggest charge that day was for their photographer. Hiring one for under $300 is a steal, but compared to the discounts they got on everything else it actually seems a little excessive. Still, with these great photos you would never guess that everything else was so cheap.

Found out how Emily snagged a beautiful dress for just $80 on the next page!

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