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How to Avoid Stalker Ads and Cybercriminals

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Web tracking is used for a plethora of reasons, and at best, are trying to advertise products that companies think you'll like. You know the ads, they're the ones featuring a product you once viewed that appear on the edges of every page you visit. This one is at least nice and upfront about it! And of course, at worst, cybercriminals use web tracking to access your personal information to be used for spam and scams.

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself online is with Disconnect VPN. This all-in-one VPN blocks trackers and malware attempting to access your device, which lets you browse faster while using less bandwidth, giving you an improved battery life on your devices. This service keeps your data safe from companies, cybercriminals, and the government. Plus, it allows you to access blocked services, sites, and applications from a masked location. Like all VPNs, it tunnels your web traffic through an encrypted network so hackers can't find you either.

A VPN is a must-have for anyone using the internet today AKA everyone. Currently, you can get a lifetime premium subscription to Disconnect for 91% off at just $44. Shop this deal today for peace of mind while browsing for a lifetime.

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