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How To Make The Best Spaghetti Every Time

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Step 3: Stick The Landing

It's always a good idea to follow the directions on the packaging when it comes to cooking spaghetti, but you should also double check. Pull out a strand approximately 2 minutes before you think the noodles will be done, wait for it to cool and then bite into it. It should be a little bit chewy and resistant, you want to err on the side of too tough than mushy on this one.

Next, drain the water (but don't rinse!) and add your favorite sauce. Try adding a scoop of the cooking water in order to bring out the delicious flavor of your sauces!

Serve hot! You can try throwing some strands at the wall, but it's not a reliable way to test the done-ness and it's less spaghetti for you to eat!

Step 4: But I'm Fancy

Now that you know the perfect way to cook spaghetti, why not try out this classic recipe for your family?

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