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How To Flawlessly Contour Your Face Using Only Drugstore Products

Contoured makeup doesn't have to be this illusive dream we all wish we could achieve. It's not as hard as you might think to get the perfect amount of contour and highlight, and best of all it doesn't have to be expensive!

This tutorial will show you how to do your contour using only drugstore products. That way you can save a few bucks while you stun everyone with your fancy new look!

Fashion and Lifestyle blogger Erin Elizabeth showed us just how easy it can be with this simple step by step. Check it out for yourself and see how easy it really is!

What You Need:

  • Two Coversticks, one a lighter color than your skin tone, and the other a couple shades darker than your skin tone. We used a Covergirl concealer that is available in many different colors. You can find it on Amazon or just in your local drugstore.
  • Beauty Sponge - The Beauty Blender is available on Amazon or in a lot of drugstores.


To start, highlight the bridge of your nose down to the tip with the light coverstick. Make a little upside down T so that it has a bit of a wider mark on the tip of your nose.

Then add the light color in triangles under each of your eyes to conceal dark circles.

Take your beauty sponge and blend it in.

Then, take your dark coverstick and apply it directly under the cheekbone, following the angle.

You can also add a little bit of the dark color on either side of the nose to make the highlight stand out even more. Take your beauty sponge again and blend it in.

When you have finished blending it all in, you will be left with a simple and natural looking contour.

If you want to keep up with other tips from Erin Elizabeth you can check her out on Facebook or on her blog.

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