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How To Keep Your Private Data Private

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Just because you use a strong password and never open suspicious emails doesn't mean you're safe browsing the Internet. It's so easy to develop a false sense of security, but all it takes is one misstep (like using an unprotected WiFi network at a café) for a hacker to get access to all of your private data. 

The only way to keep your information encrypted while you're connected to the web is by using a Virtual Private Network like Ivacy VPN. A VPN basically masks all of your activity so no one can monitor what you do online or even pinpoint your location (which is why a lot of people use VPNs to access region-blocked content on Netflix). Ivacy VPN is a great option because it connects to more than 450 servers across 50 countries, giving you uninterrupted Internet access no matter where you are. Because Ivacy VPN allows you to log in on 5 devices simultaneously, you can even share it on your family's other accounts – because if their data gets stolen, yours probably will too.

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