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How To Make Your Slowcooker Clean Itself - You Will Thank Me

Need some help around the kitchen? Look no further than your slowcooker. We already rely on it to cook delicious meals while we go on to other things, but did you know that you can actually turn your slowcooker into a helpful cleaner too?

Obviously it only cleans itself, but anyone who has known the pain of stuck on food or stains knows that cleaning a slowcooker isn't an easy task. Let it do the work for you with these easy steps. Be warned though, you're going to be mad at yourself for not thinking of this sooner.

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First you fill up your slowcooker with water, make sure that you fully submerge any crud that's stuck on it.

Then you add a cup of vinegar.

Now get ready for the good part: start adding baking soda. A cup or so should be enough, but add it slowly. Letting the bubbles fizz down as you go.

Once it's all in there just put your slowcooker on low for about 4 hours. All the gunk will bubble off as the water heats. Once your drain and give it a wipe you'll be back to making delicious stews and soups in no time.

Check out a video for more: