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Scientists Are Baffled By Mysterious Mountain That 'Lays Eggs'

Daily Mail

The world is full of incredible, unbelievable phenomena. One of these mysterious occurrences involves an ancient, egg-laying mountain.

Nestled far away in China's Guizhou Province, the Guizhou Zhai village is nestled deep within a beautiful, misty valley, bordered by a 'magical' mountain that has no name.

The people of the village have long known about the mountain that laid 'lucky' eggs, but now, scientists are observing the strange rocks and they're baffled by what they've seen...

It is said that every 30 years, the cliff would lay its 'stone eggs.' The large, round rocks weigh as much as 660 pounds and are highly revered by the local people who collect them.  

These stone spheres that fall from the 'egg-laying cliff' are between 30 and 60 centimeters (11 and 23 inches) in diameter.

The Shui People have lived in the village for about 1,000 years and generation after generation has collected the unique stone 'eggs.'

Believing them to be lucky, they would collect the 'eggs' and carry them home to be worshiped.

Geologists who studied the dark blue colored 'stone eggs' are baffled by the strange phenomenon.

While many have provided some possible explanations, the cause has not officially been announced.

One theory, presented by Professor Xu Ronghua from the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Science explains that when the deep sea turned into high mountains, lumps of silicon dioxide became lodged in the mountains.

Over time, the silicon dioxide is being pushed out of the cliff in the form of 'eggs.'

They appear round because it takes less effort for silicon dioxide molecules to form a sphere than other shapes, which is why it emerges as an 'egg.'

He also suspects that the water running down the cliff could also be a factor in why the lumps are round.

What do you think? Science still hasn't got a solid explanation - are these 'rock eggs' really magical?

[h/t Daily Mail ]

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