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Hunter Says The Government Is Covering Up The Existence Of Bigfoot, And He Can Prove It

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Forget the O.J. trial, we've found the real "case of the century."

A Bigfoot hunter is suing the government to prove that the creature - widely believed to be a myth - is actually real. Todd Standing is a documentary filmmaker and self-proclaimed "Sasquatch hunter" who has earned fame for his attempts to track down the mysterious creature.

Standing and Stroud on 'Survivorman Bigfoot.'Bigfoot Evidence

Standing's Bigfoot videos and theories are so well-known that he was invited to lead TV's Les Stroud, the Survivorman, on a hunt for the beast. Unlike many people who claim to have seen the famous apeman, Standing insists that he has video and even physical evidence proving the creature exists.

He made headlines in 2014 when he claimed to have a sample of Sasquatch's hair, but laboratory testing revealed the sample was probably human hair. Still, Standing claims he's spotted Bigfoot "over 50 times" and has filmed Bigfoot-like creatures "eight different times."

A screenshot from one of Standing's videosBigfoot Evidence

Fed up with his "evidence" being ignored by the mainstream, Standing has thought up a very unique way of earning public recognition for Bigfoot.

“They won’t look at the evidence," he says. "That’s why I must go into court to prove it..."

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