Another Powerful Hurricane May Wreak Havoc Across The U.S.

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Only a couple weeks after Hurricane Michael destroyed the Florida Panhandle, another major storm may wreak havoc across the U.S.

While Hurricane Willa will not make direct contact with any American coast, the now Category 4 storm is believed to have a huge impact on weather patterns in the coming week.

Hurricane Willa is estimated to make landfall Tuesday afternoon on Mexico's Pacific Coast, likely destroying resorts, beach towns, and fishing villages.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center has issued an advisory as Mexico braces for the monster storm

Thousands of people have already evacuated islands and Pacific coastal regions in Mexico.

For a short period of time, it was looking like a Category 5 storm was about to hit the southern country, until the storm gradually weakened.

That being said, Hurricane Willa is churning at a terrifying speed, wreaking havoc on approximately 136-mile stretch of land.

"Hurricane Willa will have a second life over the United States"

According to the hurricane tracker, Hurricane Willa may cause flooding in Texas and heavy rains in other major cities before moving towards the Atlantic.

"The storm will encounter colder air, which will transform from a tropical area of low pressure to a more wintertime-like storm system," CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller said.

"If the low pressure tracks up the East Coast of the US, it could become the season's first nor'easter. This would bring significant amounts of rain and wind Saturday and Sunday in cities like Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City and Boston."

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