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"I Do, Now Let's Eat" - 13 Brides Who Proved Food Is The Love Of Their Life

Every woman has a different idea of what her dream wedding looks like. Some prefer a small church and a quiet dinner, while others love a noisy party at the reception.

The one thing all weddings have in common is food, and these 13 brides made their favorite dishes the star of their big day:

1. The Poutine Cake

Okay, so this indulgent treat was served at a bachelorette party, but it's so impressive that it deserves an honorable mention. Poutine is a traditional French Canadian snack combining fries, cheese curds and gravy. Patate Mallette's three-tiered creation weighed in at over 26 pounds, and judging by the look on her face glowing bride Patricia Truchon absolutely loved it.

2. The Fried Chicken Bouquet

This is the one bouquet that men and women are sure to fight over. Korean YouTube channel Cookat TV walk through all the steps to make your own finger-licking-good bouquet, which is perfect if you're struck by a craving during the ceremony.

3. "I Love Ribs"

Jamie popped the question to Andrea after the couple enjoyed a dinner at their favorite all-you-can-eat barbecue restaurant, so there's no points for guessing what they picked for their reception dinner. You can tell from Andrea's face that she's ready to "wreck the dress" with some rib sauce.

4. Freshly Picked Bouquets

If you do make that fried chicken bouquet, you might want to balance it out with some healthy options for your bridesmaids. As MyWedding points out, a handful of locally grown produce is much cheaper than a bouquet, and it won't upset any guests with flower allergies.  As these brides demonstrate, you can really let your imagination run wild with combinations of fruits, flowers and veggies.

5. There's something about Waffle House

This 24-hour destination for good food has become a popular wedding destination for southern couples, like LaKisha and Brently. They arranged for a Waffle House food truck to greet their guests as they left the church.

Lisa and Gerard had the same idea, stopping by for their first waffle as a married couple after their guests had gone home.

What could be more romantic than that?

6. Only in New York

Nothing says America like grabbing a hot dog from a street-side cart, and this hungry couple can't resist the urge to share one - even on their wedding day!

7. "I'll have a #4 with a large fries and the little couple on top, please"

Around the world, multiple couples have celebrated their love of burgers on their special day. I can't tell if this is a cake made of burgers, or a cake that looks like it's made of burgers, but either way I love it!

Meanwhile, this couple are happy to share their single giant burger, which is a good sign that their marriage will be successful.

8. Donut Bouquets

Another tasty twist on the classic accessory, Paige Kirk surprised her bridesmaids with these baked good bouquets that she made herself. It's a clever idea, but there's one drawback: Kirk had an outdoor wedding.

It's all fun and games until the bees come for your sugary bouquet!

9. I'm lovin' it!

A McDonald's party is a rite of passage for most children, but Louise Sharpton was never allowed to have one. That inspired the bride and her husband Joseph to tie the knot inside the fast food restaurant. The couple dined on Big Macs and a custom made burger cake to mark the occasion.

“It’s something quirky," Louise said, "I like to be different, I’m not a very traditional person.”

10. "We're registered at Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Domino's"

The worldwide pizza chain isn't just testing out driver-less delivery, they unveiled a special website that lets couples create a wedding registry of Domino's dishes. It sounds a little silly, but it is a convenient way to arrange the food for your Bridal Shower or Reception.

11. How big was the green box this thing came in?

There are more than 200 donuts in this tower of Krispy Kreme treats. The donut chain will custom make you a tower of your own for a special occasion.

Kiran and Sarah also involved Krispy Kreme in their big day, since the snacks play a special role in their relationship. Sarah was working at a Krispy Kreme Cafe when she first met Kiran. Their friends and family dubbed them the "Krispy Kreme couple," so of course they posed for photos at the restaurant where it all started.

12. Bet you can't eat just one

Lots of couples have celebrated with a pyramid of chicken nuggets at their wedding, but nobody was as excited as this groom.

13. My kind of buffet

Botanica Florals recognized that the best food made from potatoes is "all of them," so they let guests pick and choose from their Spud Bar. Take your pick: fries, potato wedges, potato skins, baked potatoes, there's a little bit of everything on hand.

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