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Dog Arrested After Sending Cops On Wild Chase. Can You Guess What Landed This Hound Behind Bars?

Finn, a mixed- breed pup, was out on a walk with his owner ’s, just moments before his reputation took a turn for the worse.

The owners and Finn were enjoying a cool spring walk when the owners decided that Finn needed a little bit of freedom to run wild. Although, they never expected this.

The owners were used to walking Finn on his leash and then letting him off- he had always been good about remaining close to her side. However, this day, something managed to catch Finn’s eye. Only seconds after coming off of his leash, Finn darted away from them!

The owners fearfully called his name and begged him to return, but something had his attention and he was in a full-fledged sprint away from her. That’s when they looked up and realized that Finn was running towards a deer!

The owners were shocked because they hadn’t seen a deer anywhere before they had taken Finn off of his leash. And if they had seen it, they would have never let him run wild! The owner’s feared that they’d never get Finn back, and they were devastated because Finn was their daughter’s dog.

Soon after they searched for Finn without any luck, they received a call from the Ontario police saying that someone had reported a dog chasing a deer. This was actually a big deal because- believe it or not- it is against animal bylaws for dogs to be chasing deer.

After almost an hour of chasing after Finn, the police finally managed to get ahold of him! The owners arrived at the police station where Finn was in legitimate custody behind the bars of the police’s SUV.

That’s when the owner snapped this photo of Finn! The owner was shocked to see Finn behind bars but couldn’t help but laugh that their beloved pooch was actually arrested! His daughter later shared the photograph on social media and said “Finn was only held in the car for a few minutes and it seems the police treated him very well, considering what could have happened,” she said. “He is by no means dangerous or vicious and I’m sure the police officer could tell that once he arrived to get Finn.”

After doing some hard time in the SUV, Finn was finally released back to his owners! The owners say that they won’t be letting Finn off of the leash until he can be absolutely trusted again!

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