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Pit Bull Saves The Life Of Autistic Boy By Showing Him How To Truly Live, Laugh, And Love

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Diagnosed at the age of seven with High Functioning Aspergers, Joey struggled with making new friends and being affectionate toward his family. With everything in life, he preferred to be left alone, would frequently do things by himself which led to leading a very lonely life for this young boy.

One day Joey decided he was tired of being alone and presented the idea of getting a dog to his mother, Amanda. Open to the idea, she jumped on the "Best Friends" animal shelter Facebook page where she came across Roxy, a sixty-pound blue nose Pit Bull.

They wasted no time and headed down to the shelter. As Amanda described their first encounter, "It was love at first sight." Roxy only had eyes for Joey and instantly jumped on his lap. The friendship between the two started to form, and Joey's heart began to open.

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