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Prince George And Princess Charlotte’s Reaction To Their New Little Brother Is Just As Spectacular As You’d Imagine

It’s a wonderfully exciting time in the Royal household! It seemed as though we waited an eternity for the Duchess of Cambridge to give birth, and the time finally arrived.

She and Prince William welcomed a precious baby boy into the world on April 23 and made his grand debut just hours after being born. The gender and due date were kept tightly under wraps, leaving the public in great anticipation.

While the world was undoubtedly excited about the new arrival, there was none more excited than the “big” siblings! I can only imagine their joyous giggles when they discovered their mother was at the hospital giving birth to the baby. For Prince George (4), this scenario is nothing new. He’s no first-time big brother and likely felt pretty confident about how things would pan out.

The new big sister, Princess Charlotte (2), was treading on new territory. She had been playing with baby dolls and being a “little mother” in preparation for the baby’s arrival. I can only guess how thrilled she was that her mother would soon be giving her a real life baby!

After what likely seemed like forever to the youngsters, their father, Prince William, came and told them, “It’s time!” Gleefully the family loaded up in the vehicle and headed to the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital to see the newest addition to the family.

This was the moment the public caught first sight of the proud siblings just moments before they saw their little brother. Despite the grand mass of paparazzi and eager onlookers, the siblings held their composure quite well.

Their giddiness and joy were undeniable! Plastered across both faces were enormous grins as they trotted alongside their beaming father and headed toward the door of the hospital. In perfect princess-like fashion, Charlotte dazzled the crowd with precious waves. Before entering through the doors, she turned and gave one last wave, sending the crowd in a unanimous, “Aww!”

We can only imagine the sweet moment they laid eyes on their tiny, perfect little brother for the first time. They likely were filled with unimaginable joy and welcomed the little one to the family with open arms. With the help of the big brother and big sister, this little guy will have no trouble adjusting to the royal life.

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