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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Planning A Spectacular Honeymoon And It Will Be In The Most Dreamy Location Imaginable

It is an incredibly exciting season for the British Royal Family these days. The Queen is as marvelous as ever as her 92nd birthday quickly approaches, Prince William and Kate Middleton anxiously await the arrival of their third little one, and Prince Harry will soon wed his beautiful bride-to-be, Meghan Markle. It’s a happy season, indeed, and there is much to be celebrated.

As of late, the impending royal wedding is all anyone can discuss. Many of the wedding plans have been placed in order as May 19th rapidly approaches. I can only imagine the pre-wedding jitters that the adoring couple has. Those feelings are completely normal when you wait for such a monumental day to arrive. Unlike many, their wedding will be in front of millions worldwide. No pressure!

So far, they’ve let the public in on all the wedding details. One thing they’ve kept strictly under wraps is the honeymoon location. They will be broadcasting their wedding vows for all the world to see, but after that, the rest is a complete mystery.

We know quite a bit about the details of the wedding thus far, but many have yet to look past the “big day.” One thing we know for certain: the honeymoon will be somewhere utterly magnificent.

Many speculate that the destination of choice will be Botswana.

This place holds a dear place in both of their hearts, and, for a good reason. This was the location for their third date, the place where they spent three weeks last summer on a safari, and where Harry got one of the diamonds for Meghan’s breathtaking engagement ring. It would only make sense to return to the place that holds so much romantic history for them both.

It is possible that they could take after others in their family. Prince William and Kate and enjoyed a lavish honeymoon in Seychelles. Prince Charles and Princess Diana made their honeymoon quite an adventure by first staying at Queen Elizabeth’s Scottish estate of Balmoral before continuing to a Mediterranean excursion on the royal yacht.

Wherever love may take them, we know it will be in the most dreamy location possible. We wish them a blissful honeymoon where they can relax and enjoy the company of each other without hindrance. If you were them, where would you choose to go?

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