Prince Philip's Failure To Leave Hospital Raises Red Flag About His Chances For Recovery

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Prince Philip, who has undergone a hip replacement, is said to be recovering satisfactorily from his operation. Yet, many people are wondering why he is still in the hospital.

Average Hospital time after this type of surgery is said to be one to three days, but the Duke of Edinburgh has been there for more than double that amount of time.

That fact, combined with the lack of updates on his status has many people growing very concerned.

According to Express, his procedure was “urgent” and was performed at the exclusive King Edward VII private hospital in central London. Prince Philip was admitted on Tuesday, April 3rd for a Wednesday surgery, which lasted approximately one hour.

Although he has been said to be in “good spirits” immediately following the operation, the Palace has declined to give any further updates since then.

This leaves the world on edge with worry that he may be failing to thrive.

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