A Man Heard Strange Noises In His Attic–It Led Him To Find A Nightmare

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Old houses creak and groan a lot, but no one expects the noises to be anything other than the house settling.

Bob and his wife Linda thought that this was the case with the sounds in their house. However, several years passed, and Bob began to suspect that something else was happening. He had heard of people getting rat infestations in their homes in the area. Bob decided to investigate.

He took the stairs up to the attic and opened the door. In the attic, he found a large tunnel had been made in his insulation, but what had done it? He couldn’t guess what would have made a tunnel like that. It was obvious it wasn’t bees or mice or rats, at least.

It Wasn’t What He Thought

He peered into the gap, and something moved. He finally saw what was causing so much noise in his home.

It was a LARGE snake.

Bob called the Sarasota Animal Control immediately. He hoped that they would be able to help with the newfound problem. Further, he hoped they had the experience and tools to handle this kind of issue!

Two officers arrived with catch poles. They went through the house and returned to Bob with bad news.

The snake was, in fact, a rather venomous diamondback rattlesnake. Even worse, the snake had worked its way so deep into the walls that they were unable to get to it.

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