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Dad Does The Sweetest Thing To Help His Daughter’s Dog

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Off To College

Kids going away to college often brings parents feeling a little sad. Going away to college instead of commuting is emotional since you only get to come home every so often for the next 4 years during breaks and during the summer. Parents cry and realize their baby is all grown up ready to head out into the real world. However, they expected it to happen at some point.

For dogs, this becomes extremely upsetting. They know their best friend left them, but they don’t know why. They don’t understand why they only get to see their best friend every so often for a while.

With student Annie Shi leaving for college, her sweet dog Tara seems to be quite sad recently. Tara and Annie did everything together, the two were almost never separated. Tara even slept on Annie’s bed every night. The photo below shows how much she misses Annie and loves to curl up on her bed to get her scent and feel close to her.

Annie’s parents told her that Tara sits at her door waiting for them to open it. When she realizes the bedroom is empty, she walks away seemingly heartbroken. “Where’s my best friend,” she seems to say.

Dad Steps Up And Helps Tara

Annie’s bedroom stood as Tara’s favorite place by far. Without Annie, the room seems so different.

Her father noticed this, and he did something in an attempt to help Tara cope with missing Annie.

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