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Step Aside Grumpy Cat–This Scowling Kitty Has You Beat!

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Meet Xherdan. With wrinkly skin and scary eyes, this cat looks a bit scary and even grumpy to new people.

Although he’s quite different looking, he definitely stands out in the crowd. Obsessed with her cat, his mom started an Instagram account. Xherdan is a Canadian Sphynx, which is different than other sphynx cats since they are less slender and have more wrinkles.

“When I first saw him, he immediately stole my heart,” Sandra Filippi, Xherdan’s mom, said, “He’s such a special baby boy.”

Living in Switzerland, Xherdan lives with two other sphynx cats and a dog. Despite his looks, she says Xherdan is quite funny and silly.

“He is just like a child,” Filippi said. “He speaks a great deal in all pitches. When he’s excited, when he’s hungry, when he’s playing, or when he’s cuddling.He  is always talking.”

Since the start of creating the Instagram account, her cat has over 4,600 followers and continues to grow each day. When he’s not doing photo shoots with his mom, Xherdan loves to sit by the window and keep watch for any birds that might fly by.

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