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Terrified And Dying Penny Is Hopeless Until God Intervenes

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RSPCA Essex Havering Branch

Though this story has a rough beginning, the ending will surely brighten your day!

18-month-old Penny lived in squalor in a pile of trash. Someone had abandoned her there, and she had nothing and no one.

Further, she was dumped somewhere far from the main road, which slimmed her chances of being found. It was as if someone wanted to make sure she wouldn’t be given a second chance at life. She was starving and very close to death. Finally, she heard a sound that saved her life. What happened can only be described as a miracle.

Two men had been traveling, and their car broke down right near Penny’s trash heap. The men noticed all the trash but were surprised when something moved within it!

Penny was found there, and she was quite frightened, emaciated, and sick. The men tried to get Penny to stand, but Penny was unable to due to how sick she was. The men did the right thing and got her to the vet for immediate medical attention. The vet couldn’t believe how much Penny had suffered when he saw her. Penny was kept on a drip for a whole weekend because of how emaciated and dehydrated she was.

Thankfully, Penny was able to slowly gather her strength. It took time, but she was eventually able to stand and begin to go for short walks. RSPCA inspector Rebecca Benson said that it was a blessing for these men to have broken down near Penny.

“She must have a guardian angel looking out for her today,” Benson said.

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