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This Calf Was Rescued During A Hurricane–You Won’t Believe What She Does Now

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When hurricane Harvey hit Texas and devastated the area, a little calf later named Harveigh was abandoned by her mother and father and left all alone to die in the wind the flood waters. Luckily, a couple from southeast Texas named Tammy and Ren Canton learned of her fate and took it into their own hands to rescue the adorable baby.

You won’t believe what happened after they got her home.

The Cantons quickly realized they were not dealing with just any old calf, however. The couple already owned eight dogs, but when they found Harveigh, who was emaciated and near death, they knew they couldn’t just leave her there to die alone. They took her in and proceeded to nurse her back to health.

The Cantons are not unfamiliar with cows. Indeed, they have raised many cows on their farm.

“The few cows we have on our property are old show heifers and their offspring,” said Tammy.

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