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This Dog Crossed The Rainbow Bridge And Received A Tribute You Have To See To Believe

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After a sanctuary in Tennesse gave this old captain a second chance, his story got even more interesting.

Four years ago, Captain Ron was taken in as a stray from a shelter after he was found wandering by himself in pretty bad shape. He was later moved to Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary because of his old age and poor health; he needed more care than the shelter could provide.

That is only the beginning of this old boy’s story, though, as he was about to get famous.


When he arrived at the shelter, he was pretty salty and standoffish at first. But then, with his rugged good looks, the shelter posted some photos online, and he quickly became an internet sensation. He even ran for Vice President during the 2016 doggy elections.

“Captain Ron had the perfect name for his personality,” said Zina, one of the founders of the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary. “He was a salty ‘ol dog who let everyone know what he wanted and where he was going. We joked that he was like a freight train. When he was on the move, he blasted his bark as he went through the house.”

Then Zina talked about how the other dogs and humans at the sanctuary took to his saltiness.

“He was also a big teddy bear,” she said. “He loved to be around his people and slept right at the side of the human bed on his bed every night. He was a grouch but we could all see beyond that to his inner sweetness.”

Then, the best thing happened!

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