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Urn Containing Dog’s Ashes Stolen And Turns Up In An Unexpected Place Decades Later

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An unexpected news report disrupted Carolyn Morano’s usual morning routine of coffee, emails and reading the news. She saw that the urn that held her dog’s ashes had been discovered, which had been stolen from her 26 years ago.

Gary Hunt was out with his dog Zoey when he found a golden urn near the water at a park in Ocean County, New Jersey. Hunt brought the sealed container home. His wife took photos of the urn and posted them to hopefully locate the owner. The couple initially believed that the urn was washed away from its home during Hurricane Sandy.

Washed Away, or Stolen?

Morano saw the story on a local news site and it had intrigued her. Morano looked into the story and claimed a different story than one involving the storm. The urn itself is quite distinctive, and Morano recognized it in the shared photos immediately.

Morano thinks that the container found on the shore holds the ashes of her childhood dog. The mini schnauzer’s name was Blue Boy. Morano says that he was a sweet dog. His name came from the blue hue his fur would have under the sunlight.

Her family had chosen to have Blue Boy cremated when he passed away in the 1980’s. However, the urn containing the ashes was stolen in a home burglary back in 1992.

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