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Fearful Stray Cowers In The Bushes; The Only Witness To A Horrific Crime

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Sometimes fear of humans can keep a poor dog from getting help.

A dog that runs away from humans may well be running away from the only chance they will have at being rescued.

But one dog in Lebanon recently proved that the opposite was true: His fear of humans literally saved his life!

Lebanon’s current president, Michel Aoun, recently passed a new animal welfare law that banned the torture and abuse of animals.

However, despite the law, workers from the Municipality of Ghobeiry brought food laced with poison to feed to a family of stray dogs.

How sick is that?!

Sadly, as soon as the dogs ate the poison, they started to die. Onlookers were horrified.

One of them filmed the event and made sure that Animals Lebanon, a local animal welfare organization, received a copy.

The video is quite graphic,” Maggie Shaarawi, vice president of Animals Lebanon, told The Dodo. It shows men dressed in municipality uniforms putting food mixed with poison for friendly dogs who come with wagging tails to eat. Shortly after, the dogs are shivering on the ground.

The only dog that survived was the one that ran away from the men, instead of towards them.

Everyone who saw the video was shocked, including the president himself.

He posted a photo of himself with his dog on Facebook, along with a statement condemning the way the workers had dealt with the stray dogs.

“The most heartbreaking scene is when one of the dogs approaches the men, almost asking for mercy for his friends who are dying,” Shaarawi added.

The man didn’t stop there or feel any mercy toward that friendly dog… …instead he put food on the end of the stick mixed with poison and shoved it in his mouth.

Talk about disgusting. It makes you want to scream, doesn’t it?

Out of the large group of friendly but unclaimed animals, only one dog in the family survived:

The one dog that didn’t come running out to meet the men.

Indeed, his fear of humans actually saved his life.

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