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4 boob-toning moves you can easily do at home

Elastic, tight and beautiful breasts are a matter of women's pride and men's admiration. However, the chic neckline is not just an aesthetic pleasure. It is also a subconscious signal to the opposite sex that a woman can be a successful future mother, capable of full-fledged rearing of their offspring. There is something to fight for.

Is it possible to tone your breast at home?  To achieve the goal, in addition to a balanced diet and cosmetic care for the skin of the breast, you should do special effective exercises at home. The growth of the pectoral muscles, the increase in their endurance will improve the shape of the breast, strengthen its nutrition, blood supply and lymphatic drainage, will become an obstacle to breast sagging.

What exercises can help achieve the desired results? Look at the following exercises and perform this workout at least two or three times a week. All of them are very effective and can be easily done at home. So, you should not try to find time in your busy schedule to go to the gym. The only thing you need is a dumbbell of medium weight (2-4 lb.).

Chest press. Perform ten repetitions.

Pushup. Do ten times and then take a pause for about 1-2 minutes.

Repeat these two exercises again and then start doing the next exercise.

Dumbbell Pullover Perform ten repetitions.

Dumbbell fly. Do ten times and then take a pause for about 1-2 minutes.

Repeat exercises number three and four again.

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#1. Chest Press

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#2. Push-Ups

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#3. Dumbbell Pullover

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Credit: BetterMe

#4. Dumbbell Fly

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