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6 Effective Waistline Exercises With A Chair

Love handles - is the awesome name for something that leaves much to be desired when it comes to your general outlook, and there is no wonder why women are trying to get rid of them. To tell you the truth is dealing with that excess fat on your waist – and that is exactly what love handles are – is very difficult since the fat in this area is easy to gain but very difficult to burn.

What is more, it is not a secret that most of us have busy lifestyles and sometimes to fit in a gym session into that busy schedule is close to impossible. This is where home workout routines come in handy, but many people still think that they may be too inefficient and time-consuming.

That is why we are here to prove you wrong. Home workout sessions may be more than effective if you know what to target and how to trigger the fat-burning process properly. Very often to succeed all you need is your own weight and a chair. Yes, you heard it right! One of your favorite chairs can become your savior in this war with excess fat on your waist!

All that you need to do is to follow up this easy 6-exercise routine and try to eat healthily and regularly, and you will be amazed how fast the results will be obvious. It is true that losing weight is a difficult process, but if you know some shortcuts you can achieve anything you want in the shortest period!

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#1. Double Knee Lift


#2. Knee Pull Ins


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#3. Oblique Pull Up


#4. Pull Up


#5. One Leg Chair Squat




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