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7 body spots your man secretly wants you to touch

A fairly common misconception of the beautiful half of humanity is the belief that the erogenous zones of any man do not go beyond his intimate zone. Let's explore the male body for erogenous zones. Erogenous zones are areas of skin that lead to sexual arousal when touched.

The main rule of an ideal lover is to give a man what he needs. However, men are often reluctant to share secrets about the subtleties of their sexual nature with women, so it's necessary to use all your experience, checking how your partner reacts when you touch certain parts of his body. If you are patient enough, sensitive and attentive, the man will feel that you are reading his thoughts in time.

It can seem that the body of a man is an extremely simple mechanism. Paying all your attention to only one cherished detail will impoverish your sex life. Your man also needs full stimulation of his body. Let’s look through seven spots on the body that your man secretly wants you to touch:


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#1. His face. This is a very important erogenous zone of your beloved, because the skin here is full of a lot of nerve endings.

#2. The back of his neck. This is again the strongest erogenous zone for many men.


#3. His lips. Lips are much more sensitive than fingertips and even more sensitive than facial skin, which is considered rather tender. Touch them with your lips or nails.


#4. His butt. This is a special place where stroking, slapping and biting is appropriate.

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#5. His skin. Touch all his skin with your hands.


#6. His ears. Touch them often with your hands or lips. He will like this.

#7. His back. This area is often neglected and there are few erogenous zones on the back. Massage movements are best done from the top down. You can touch his back, not only with your hands, but with your breast or your hair.

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