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8 bedtime snacks you can eat overnight and stay slim

Trying to keep fit and stay away from weight gain is something that most of us do these days. But sometimes it is close to impossible to fall asleep if you know that your stomach is empty and it constantly reminds you of it. Of course, you can satisfy hunger and go happily to sleep, but you know the possible outcome "“ excess weight. Does not sound that appealing, right? Well, you just have to deal with that, or...

Or there is a way out. in fact, 8 ways out. There are at least 8 types of products you can eat even if you are going to bed in an hour, and that is going to be something we are going to talk about today.


#1 String cheese

The thing about it that it is full of proteins which will make you feel full in no time, besides the number of calories is very low.

#2 Cereal

A bowl of whole-grain cereal with some milk is something you can treat yourself with in the evening, with no damage for your figure.


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#3 Greek yogurt

Non-fat Greek yogurt is another product you are allowed to have access to while hungry but about to go to bed.

#4 Turkey

Surprise-surprise! Yes, you can have turkey before going to bed. It will help you satisfy your hunger as well as fall asleep. Since it is low in fat you have nothing to worry about, but remember that you should not overeat in no case!


#5 Apple&Peanut butter

The mixture of fiber apple has and protein of peanut butter is exactly what you need to feel better when you stomach is craving for food.

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#6 Chocolate pudding cup

Another nice surprise, right? Well, one cup is what you need to feel all better at once.


#7 Carrots

If there is anything healthier than baby carrots, we know nothing about it!

#8 Bananas

A banana is full of fiber and completely fat-free, plus it is super tasty "“ what else do you need?


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The BetterMe Team wants you and those close to you to live a healthy, happy life! Your health is a valuable thing; look after your body and your mind so that you can live your life to the fullest "“ Remember you only get one!

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