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9 Circuit Training Moves For Quick Weight Loss


30-50 minutes a day can be enough for a circuit training on the whole body. You can do it both at home and in the gym. Efficiency and time savings are the main advantages of circular training. Due to short breaks between exercises, this method is great for losing weight and burning fat.

The main principle of circular training is that each exercise is performed one after another. Muscles that worked in one exercise, rest during the performance of the next. So, pauses between approaches are little, the intensity of training is high and the whole body becomes toned very quickly.

This workout combines basic exercises, which you can do both at home and at the gym. Perform each exercise for forty-five minutes with a fifteen-minute pause.

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#1. Burpees

#2. Squats

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#3. Step Ups

#4. Plank

#5. Jumping Jack

#6. Frog Jump

#7. V-Ups

#8. Leg Raise

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