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A Japanese breakfast banana diet for quick and simple weight loss

Many of us enjoy eating bananas in the morning, and at any other time of the day. However, scientists from Japan conducted a series of studies and found out that eating bananas for breakfast is not only nice, but also helps to get rid of excess weight.

They came up with their own banana diet. Even if such revolutionary diets do not inspire you very much, a banana is a useful and nutritious fruit, that’s why you can allow yourself to try such a schedule for at least a few days.

So, a Japanese doctor, Hitoshi Watanabe, shared his own experience of losing weight with the public. He told the world about the morning banana diet, which has already become popular in America. Why did this diet become so popular?

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The story begins with the fact that Watanabe himself tried to lose weight for a long time, but without success. Over time, he came to the fact that he began to rely not on various diets, but on scientific knowledge. Together with his wife Suliko, who worked as a pharmacist, Watanabe developed a method of losing weight. As a result, together they came to a simple decision: one fresh banana and a glass of water for breakfast. The difficulty of the diet is to eat nothing before having lunch.

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Watanabe claims that for weight loss, you just need to replace the usual breakfast with bananas and warm water. Is everything so simple? Hitoshi Watanabe says that the combination of bananas with warm water can accelerate the metabolism, so a person who adheres to a banana diet can eat anything he wants for lunch and dinner, and he will still lose weight.

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In addition, unripe bananas contain a lot of stable starch, because of which people feel full. As a result, the process of fat burning is more intense. Warm water improves digestion and reduces the feeling of hunger.

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Your meal plan can be like this:

Breakfast: In a banana diet, banana is the main and often the only product that can be eaten for breakfast. You can eat one big banana or several smaller fruits, but in any case do not overeat or stuff your stomach. Bananas should necessarily be fresh - not thawed and not cooked in any way. When you finally get bored with breakfast with the same product, you can replace the banana with other fruits of your choice from time to time. However, if this does not help, and the fruit is not capable of satisfying your hunger, wait 15-30 minutes after breakfast and eat oatmeal or rice. However, remember that the energy value of this second breakfast should not exceed 200 calories.

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In all other meals you can enjoy your usual daily menu, however it is recommended to follow a few simple rules that will help you lose more weight. You should not overeat. Try to have dinner no later than 8pm, the optimal time is around 6pm. If you feel hungry after an early dinner, you can after a while (but no later than two hours before sleep) have a snack with some fruit. For lunch and dinner, desserts should be excluded from your menu. If you really want something sweet, you can let yourself some delicacy as a separate snack at about one o'clock in the afternoon. Drink plenty of water and other fluids. Water should be warm and it is better to drink it in small sips. After eating, it is recommended to drink only water. In the intervals between meals you can drink tea, coffee, juice soda. From time to time, alcohol is also allowed.

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However, you should not eat over ripe bananas. Carefully choose a fruit. Do not buy too soft or blackish bananas, they contain few useful substances and many trace elements that are poorly absorbed by the body. If you do not have a choice, take green bananas. Pay attention also to the thickness of the skin of bananas. Unfortunately, both ordinary and fodder bananas come for sale. There are no useful elements in fodder bananas, they are not suitable for such a diet. Usually, they are distinguished by a thick green skin.

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The advantages of the Japanese diet:

#1.    It speeds up your metabolism and reduces the likelihood of overeating during the day.

#2.     Exclusion of caffeine from the diet contributes to the normalization of blood glucose levels and a decrease in appetite.

#3.    Early dinner disaccustoms to late snacks and limits the consumption of excess calories.

#4.    The exclusion of dairy products and desserts (for a while) restricts fats and sugar.

#5.     Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals.

The disadvantages of the Japanese diet:

#1.     Some people are not very good at taking pure carbohydrates (especially those who have hypoglycemia).

#2.     The optional physical activity.

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