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Exercises for women to firm up and shapen the breasts

These days it is all about the healthy way of living and exercise, and we can’t say that there is anything bad about it. The thing is that while others work on their abs, legs arm and butts, there is something many women would like to tone up, but they do not know how. Maybe you have guessed or maybe not, but we are talking about your boobs.

Of course, there are no direct exercises to make your boobs bigger or anything of the kind, but there are still things to do to tone them up and to make them a little bit perkier.

We have gathered here a number of exercises that will help you with the shape of your breasts and no only. The truth is that mostly they are centered on your arm, but they do a great deal of good to your chest area as well. What is more, you can easily carry them out at home with the least of equipment involved. All that you need is your fitness matt and a set of dumbbells. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Once you have a look at this set of exercises and learn how to do them properly, you will notice that the result is great. But there are few more things not to forget about, of course first one of them is the diet and the second one – persistency. Otherwise there is no use to start something if you find no will and strength to proceed!

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#1. Lying chest Fly


#2. Push-Ups


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#3. Reverse Dumbbell Fly


#4. Chest Press


#5. Pullover


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